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A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1) by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #1)A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

****4.5 fairy stars****
ok. so. Paloma has alot of feels. and if you’ve read this book please read this review because I have alot of questions, or maybe they’re just feels IDK OMG

****Mild spoilers ahead*****

so I almost didn’t finish this book..I know.. I know …my dumbass..it was very slow start for me and plus I was just coming outta a huge epic book slump and i haven’t read why in a whileeeee to say the least.

this book is about a girl with a fairy name, who gets whisked into a world shes always dreaded in order to fulfill an ancient destiny.
the parallels with beauty and the beast are evident and at first I thought i wasn’t gunna like it its so new, interesting and intriguing that you simply get lost in all the things unsaid. and as the story starts to unfold…you are right there with Feyre realizing fate,love and destiny its so beautiful

Ok so the fandom for this series is intense everyone is all about Rhysand and Feyre so while i was reading it i was confused because this elusive Rhysand was no where to be found….i was like is Tamlin Rhysand…does he become Rhysand where is this Rhysand omgg and then i started to fall in love with Tamlin and i was MORE CONFUSED what is real? what is right? how could everyone just not care about tamlin..how is this book made based revolving around a couple and the OTP isn’t even the couple…HELP

I love the WORLD OF THIS BOOK it was so lush, evocative and deadly its true to the anceint folklore and myths about fairys ..and im such a geek that ive read some of the ancient myths about the aos si/ sidhe and those are some fearsome cruel unrelenting motherfuckers and im so happy that maas incorporated the dark,twisted, eerie and unnatural aspects of the fairy universe

I loved the whole mask thing and the main antagonist of the story I admired her cruelness because the fairys of old the celtic fairys are loathsome creatures and so many fairy books try to make them so sexual and humanlike when thats not the case.

I LOVED LUCIEN I wish he had his own book im such a sucker for the deformed hero omggg and it didn’t hurt that he was a read head…(I MIGHT have a SLIGHT red head fetish)

Cont’d of things paloma didn’t understand:
-why was everyone so thirsty to have Feyre live in their court…Tamlin, Rhysand next thing we know the Summer and winter will be cursing Feyre too LMAOOO
-why oh WHYYY was the frase: “my bowels turned watery” in every other chapter..I get it Feyre your scared but ..that frase??? everytime I read I I burst out laughing it sounded so ridiculous

things paloma appreciated:
– the cool AF tattoos Rhysand gave Feyre very reminiscent of the the bond Persephone made in the underworld when she ate the six pomegranate seeds.
-loved all the parallels to Hades and Persephone between Feyre and Rhysand…(when the maids fixed her up and put a gossamer gown on her..my heart screamed persephone
– the number one thing i appreciated was the last chapter when rhysand comes to Feyre to “say goodbye” ..and he was about to leave and went rigid and looked at her with shock stumbled and left….wtffff was THATTTTTTT omgggg also the whole scene was very Hades! thats my alltime OTP so hard but AGAIN how could she make us love Tamlin only to have Rhysand..like how is she going to fall outta love with Tamlin and get to rhysand…idk ..i need answers.

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Rhysand: the face of a thousand nightmares and dreams

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my wine pick for this book is: Tarima Monastrell
my playlist is here https://open.spotify.com/user/1234085…

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