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Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1) by J.R. Ward

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #1)Dark Lover by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 ***** The Blind King and the half breed Queen stars*****

****Re read April 2017****

oh reading this book again was so fucking NOSTALGIC I can’t even. It honestly felt like seeing old friends again, even though I had just finished reading the latest book. Gosh I wish I woulda re read these YEARS ago there was so much I forgot. I’m now as giddy as a school girl at the thought of re reading this series again.

reading this series is the book equivalent of a Saturday afternoon for me. I associate Caldwell, NY with caveman vampires, awesome battles, top bants and the hottest of hottest sex ever OMG

I forgot how fast paced the earlier books were, they left me with a bit of whiplash if I’m honest. but not in a bad way at all. Everything was so quick and there were no lags in plot at all. I loved the switches in POV because I just can’t get enough of being in their characters heads.

Beth is so brave, loyal, fierce and sweet there literally could not be a better person for Wrath to be with.
[image error]

and of course Wrath is just everything ever the most everything man. When he would talk to Beth…Melt…when he’d fuck Beth…melt…when hes open up to Beth…melt I just melted nonstop

 photo 9302619_zpsglzx5jnl.gif

Wrath: My everything man

 photo tumblr_nro5lb1j0l1qd9lt8o1_500_zpshvedcgpy.jpg

and I have to mention that scene when they first have sex still to this day the sexiest sex scene the most erotic sex scene ever. I know its a controversial one you either hate it or love it…but oh it melted my butter.

wrath and beth photo 9302627_zpsjojudpca.gif

I forgot how much I had shipped Butch and Marissa!!! they are literally soul mates. They are both so lonely and unloved and they each have what the other needs ughghghg I love them together. I forgot how much I just loved Marissa..a lot of people think shes weak and boring but shes just misunderstood! shes been so long just the unloved one. and here comes this man who wants everything to do with her and only her. I feel that.

and RHAGE I’m so attached to rhage because his story gets so fleshed out later ..oh I’m such a fucking rhage fan! i’m peeing my pants at that chance to get to know the beginning of rhage and his mary
he’s basically a vampire puppy and i’m living for it that is so my book crack I love when the Rogue/Rake gets his lady and rhage is the BDB Rake ugh

amazing book
amazing series

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