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Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane #10) by Elizabeth Hoyt

Duke of Sin (Maiden Lane, #10)Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

oh ugh…ohhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh this was good
ohhhhhhhhhhh Valentine….yes daddy yes
I love me my eccentric asshole antihero fuck yes
I can’t review this
because reading this made me into a puddle of moans and giggles

Valentine reminds me of Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre sooo much omg..the vibes from Jane Eyre were way too strong it was lovely

Bridget and Valentine made such an amazing couple..she really was her equal..their little games were beyond interesting
Valentine was so interesting I could read a whole other series just about him

and I loved! all the stuff about the ottomon empire!
ugh Valentine is so different from the other heros he’s such omg hes just sooo much
a man of trouble, blackmail, literature, poetry, travel, games, riddles, power, knowledge and adventure. ughghgh

ps. I totally pictured Alex Pettyfer as Valentine Napier…oh yes yes yes
idk how I feel about the duke of kyle in the next book
but I’m trusting my beloved elizabeth hoyt

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