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Kulti By Mariana Zapata

KultiKulti by Mariana Zapata
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

6 +++++ Bratwurst stars!

this book was something

I was almost going to give up because it took so long to start but once I finished I realized I wouldn’t have had it any other way because this was PERFECT

if you make it past the beginning you are in for a nice slow burn of a romance that will keep you up all night comfortably turning pages.
Mariana Zapata’s writing is flowy and smooth and so weaved into the story you don’t even realize you are reading.
I got so caught up in Kulti’s devilish broody, ass holey, attitude that before I knew it I was at 60 something percent without even realizing.

Salome was a joy to read about because you rarely get the hispanic heroines I swear I peed a little I was so excited!
she was so much like me..hated public speaking ..watches British comedies on netflix..and she fangirl OD over Kulti for most of her life..and that is the same passionate fangirling that exercise so I loved her.

Im purposly not saying much about Kulti because I could go on and on about him. but he was a man of few words that when he did speak and confessed how he felt about her..I had tears in my eyes…omg

I experienced a level of comfortableness reading this that I only ever experienced with one other book…love Unscripted by Tina Reber.

go read this! its just so good..believe the hype.

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