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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5) by J.R. Ward

Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

**** ReRead April 2017****

5 “sexy smart Vishious: stars

wow this was so much more vivid and alive than the first time I read it! I can see now why so many people love V! he is something to behold with his diamond eyes and stark face..and all his brooding menace.

 photo tumblr_mcn24lpGoc1rj97amo1_500_zpse8iv9m1b.png

I’ve never really liked V but now that I re read his book I’ve grown to understand him more..wow. wow.wow.wow.wow.wow.wow.wow.wow.wow.wow. I just wow. he’s so interesting hes inherently smart, wickedly sharp, focused, direct, stoic even but oh when he feel in love.
and it could only be with Jane is absolute equal.

 photo tumblr_mbpf5awzOQ1qflo5io1_500_zpsdz2xzvc1.png

what a couple they make. she matched him in every regard. this was even more interesting to read given what went down in the Chosen and what the Warden told us about them in her conference. I’m going to have fun revisiting them and having them rediscover their love because they are simply a fantastic couple. their chemistry was insane! all of the scenes of V at the hospital with his budding bonding to his lovely Jane.

 photo vishous_and_jane_black_dagger_brotherhood_by_victorialovell93-d4wbkje_zpspuuxfxxb.jpg

I have to say I loved Qhuinn/Blay and John Matthew’s friendship was so adorable I love reading about it.

V is a fantastic character, I know imma get some hate but I really didn’t like his obsession with Butch. yes I know that the author originally intended for them to be together I guess but I just can’t see it because to me Butch and Marissa will always be soulmates
and in this book his feelings were explained as emerging because it was the first time he ever felt anything for anyone.

I so ship V and Jane. wow. and I can say now I’m a V fan.

 photo 91a3991097d6ba3d6442ea9e43be49af_zpsvmpive3i.jpg

he’s a rough cut diamond, yea but he’s also smarter than any vampire alive ever and a vivacious lover.

V and Jane photo tumblr_on0uv9gtZp1tezjkso1_400_zpszt9er0wa.gif

Oh and that whole Primale business wow. I’m happy I know what happens but still that shit is just crazy.
cormia is so smart! such an indiviual and original and she’s gunna swish Phury outta of his self hate and make him see light and I’m LIVING for it.
I’m LIVING for when Phury finally SEES cormia..wow their a fantastic couple

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