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The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood #15) by J.R. Ward

The Chosen (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #15)The Chosen by J.R. Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5-5 stars

Buddy Read with Melanie ! and Lahn’s Dahksana

—–Spoilers, Mild Spoilers——–
——dont read this if you haven’t read The Chosen, all the books,or if you dont want spoilers——

I dont even know what to say
when I started this book..I didn’t really like it. I thought my beloved Xcor and Layla, whom I waited so long to read about, where being side characters in their own story.
I didn’t understand why almost every other chapter was about fucking Quinn.
Especially since he was THE VILLAIN OF THE STORY honestly he was worse than the lessers and fucking Throe.

I hated Quinn I thought he was the worst every time I would see his name a the beginning of a chapter I would roll my eyes and step away from my tablet.
On the other hand Blay was precious and he deserves so much better than this narcissistic, douch canoe. The things he said to Layla are unforgivable. Yes the end was amazing but Layla is an amazing soul thats why it ended that way.

Oh Xcor and Layla, of course they were perfect. They made my heart melt, my tears flow and my stomach clench. I couldn’t get enough of them. Xcor is so noble such a MAN he so much like what a man is supposed to be that he was, in many ways, more nobler than a couple of brothers. I would cry so hard when he talked about his past. Ever since meeting him I just wanted him to be hugged by Layla and let himself be loved and oh the journey was delicious. The character developed of Xcor was honestly impeccable and oh he rivaled Layla’s

Layla, my darling Layla. Oh how she has grown. She is FUCKING FIERCE omg I couldn’t get enough of her she made me do actual fistpumps. When she would fucking defend herself and everyone she loved omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Therse I thought she was funny and original and she what Trez needs but oh golly I am confused about all this….is she her Twin? wtf? I kinda felt pissed when she was introduced cuz now its kinda like the end of the shadows was for naught
I also wanted to see iAm with his mate a bit I love them so

omg I didn’t wanna say but V? omg V Ican’t believe that he’s thinking about cheating on his mate!!!!!! it made me livid and my heart clenched whenever I read his POV the point of this series is that that will never happened because these men are basically werewolves that are vampires and only take one mate and theres no fuckign divorce and I can’t handle it emoitonaly if a hellran cheats on his shellan because to me its NOT CANON HOW IS THAT A PLOT POINT OMG
if Rhage and Mary can’t work things out Butch and Marissa and Wrath and Beth! so can these too I’m so pissed at him for just not talking to her I mean yea they’re busy but just put your foot down and say you want more time do be a moody little bitch about it

Everytime Assail was mentioned it broke my heart I love him in Sola I ship it so hard. to me the only way to get him out of this psychotic break is to bring on Sola! she is the cure!!!!!

Also did I mention that I love Blay and he shoulda stayed with Saxon cuz hes bae? but yea no Saxon’s mate is gunna be Ruhn and we all know that and I was so THIRSTY FOR THEM IN THIS BOOK!
I know it seems like I’m complaining and I am because this book shoulda been way longer considering how long we have to wait in between books and all the couples and shit we have to hear about.
and how was there no Rhage/Mary/Bitty action? we got like 2 books of them and now nothing? you can’t just feed someone delicious Beast flavored sugar and expect them to not have the craving anymore.

and the last paragraph? what a fucking cock tease the warden is omfg she is tots gunna make a serious on the next generation!

ALSO i was so hype to see Cormia I remember loving her so much!
and I’m desperate to know who is going to go into their needing next the needing periods fascinate me

I was so disappointing in the brothers in this, I had no idea they could ever ever be sexist, they treat women with such respect and reverence it was in short, shocking to see the treatment of Layla
and Wrath is holy, he is everything, my baby wow
and quinn sucks again
long live the warden

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