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One For the Money (Stephanie Plum #1) by Janet Evonavich

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)One for the Money by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

For some reason I’m thinking about this series today…I read these so long ago and I remember loving them so much! this series was like a TV show full of action, crazy characters, sexual tension and plenty of laughs I totally shipped her and Morelli with everything in me.
I also adored Grandma Mazur …this series is so freaking long ! I stopped at book 13 because OMG I was tired of Stephanie indecision and bullshit but I think I’m gunna revisted these soon..its time for me to finish them.

 *****Reread April 2017 *****
4.25 funny,sassy bounty hunter stars

audiobook for this is narrated by Lolly From Orange is the New Black BTW!
Yea…don’t ask me why I went from being firmly against rereading to literally rereading two series at once….its like I’m not even me but I dont regret it! Oh I almost forgot about the magic that is the Stephanie Plum series

ok so Stephanie looses her job the only logical next step is to become a bounty hunter right?
throw in an ex who is also your mark, a cast of funny ass like serious funny as family members. Colorful hookers, psychopathic boxers, best friend cops a hamster and a ton of pot roast and cabbage rolls and you have the stephanie plum series.

This is just a great start to an amazing and unique series and its a total page turner to boot
There is something for everyone in this series! it was so cozy to go back to the “Burg” with its big hair, close knit Italian family and just amazing characters!. I remember the first time I read this and I wished so bad that I was italian lol

and I just have to talk about Morelli…wow Morelli my beautiful Joe Morelli…my yummy bossy italian cop Morelli..my yummy chef Morelli. My smooth talking Morelli as you can see..I love Morelli *dreamy sigh* seriously I also have a very obvious weakness for nicknames so when Morelli would call Stephanie cupcake, sweetcheaks anything omg anything I would melted. Theres just something about him that gets to you and omg I just can’t ship her with Ranger never have never will.

The mystery in this book keeps you turning pages..thats the magic of this series..they are such incredibly good page turners
so if you haven’t already tried this series out give it a go..you’re gunna have a blast.

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