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Paloma in Pearls and dots

Hey I’m Paloma, (Ravenclaw,/Pukwudgie INFP)

anxiety ridden book nerd who loves naughty books.

Things about me:

*I’m often caught reading erotic instead of listening to lectures

*I think Kristen Ashley is a goddess among men

*I firmly believe that werewolves exist (laugh all you want)

*I can be found most likely, reading romance novels ,living in the clouds and taking books way too personally

Things I love:

~Knitting and all needle arts including cross stitching

~Tea; teacups (I love tea so much especially black tea)

~Baking ( I have this weird obsession with pie and southern cakes.)

~The Spanish  Language (I’m a language nerd)

~ Historical romances, period dramas, anything british

~ Spanish wine, and Gin


~I love soap operas and I wont apologize for it.