Audio book Recommendations!

AKA (The audio books that changed my mind about listening to books)

Hello my name is Paloma and I used to hate audio books. Like really hate them. Let me explain, when I first got addicted to the Outlander series by my fav Diana Gabaldon; I binge read the first book and the rest of the books were only available in audio book from my local library. I had no choice but to listen to the rest of the series this way….and it sucked. I hated the audio books but I powered through because I loved the series. And I didn’t notice that some audio books were ‘abriged’ and cut out so much of the details and important things and so it ruined the some of the books for me as well as audio books for the next 7 years.

So for a very long time I didn’t touch audio books. But recently I got addicted to podcasts. I was listening to them whenever I had to do something. That naturally progressed to audio books after I binged an entire podcast and when I discovered that my local library chain used this amazing app called Hoopla

The first audio book that I listened to was:
➽ Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane series #1) by Elizabeth Hoyt.
It was narrated by the amazing Ashford McNab and boy did she do an amazing job. Everyone had their own voice and accent. It was such an atmospheric experience! so unlike my previous one that I became addicted. This is an amazing pick if you love audio books, great narration, and AMAZING writing. I highly recommend the whole series in audio book, you’ll become addicted.
➽ Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery (audioble exclusive narrated by Rachel McAdams)
Rachel McAdams shines in this narration. That’s all I can say, the book is one of my top favs and her narration made me love it even more. Her voice is so soothing and she really brings out the subtle wit of the book. 10/10
➽ The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (audible exclusive narrated by Jeremy Irons)
This book is a modern classic and I’m happy the first time I read it was in audio book. Jeremy Irons has such a textured voice and he is an actor so listening to this was such a pleasure. He added so much depth to this simple but rich story that I was looking for things to do in order to listen more!
➽ The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare
I’m slowly making my way through this amazing series! Each story is narrated by a different person (some has the same narrator) and they are all top notch. Now, this series is more like a supplement to the TMI and TID series also by Cassandra Clare so I recommend reading those two first before this one. I love love love these audio books! Each one is different little story with a different narrator that adds his own flare to the story and each one is no more than 1:30 minutes so they’re quick to get through. If you love Cassandra Clare and are hesitant in reading this series and audio books well then this is for you.

I’ve listening to many more audio books than this but these are just the ones that made me fall in love with them and my top ones so far. I hope you all consider diving back into audio books because they’re awesome. Download the Hoopla app if you library utilizes it for audio books. They also have albums ebooks and movies from my library I cannot recommend it enough. Also of course Overdrive has audio books as well.

Here are some things I do while listening:
• Cook and clean
• Knit
• Surf the web
• Walk/Exercise
• Color

Devil’s Cut (The Bourbon Kings, #3) by J.R. Ward

Devil's Cut (The Bourbon Kings, #3)Devil’s Cut by J.R. Ward
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 “Bourbon, Kentucky, Lies and Love” stars

Wow! Just wow! If this is how the Warden does finales…I’m on fucking board ya’ll!

Ok so Devils Cut takes place right after Angel’s Share (The second installment in the trilogy) so I can’t say much on the plot because it’s all just a continuous spoiler at this point.

I’ll start off by saying that this is the first time The Warden has given us a finale…her other series are still going on so that’s was a new thing for her and it didn’t disappoint.

A lot of people are hesitant in picking this up, because it’s so unlike her other series and also because they’re just used to JR ruling and rocking the PNR world.

But honestly, this series just cannot be missed. Period. FULL STOP.

I enjoyed this immensely! The first chapter was gripping and engrossing. JR’s magnificent atmosphere building made an appearance in this book, as usual; so all three books are of the same quality in writing. This book is very much..a last book it just feels like you’re at the end of puzzle and you think you already know everything you need to know and then BAM another reveal BAM BAM BAMMM. This book was nonstop REVEALS so many secrets that were being kept throughout the first 2 books reached their peak in this book. There was no lapse and no warning its just reveal, secret reveal, her reveal, his reveal….oh you thought this ….SYKE ..oh you thought you knew he was..oh SKYEEEEEEE oh you think I’ve surprised you well guess again. That’s is was I think JR’s inner monologue was like while writing lol.

This book focuses a lot on the whole Samuel T stuff (I’m being vague because or spoilers) and I’m very happy how everything turned out but I do feel like this was such a big part of this book that other couples’ HEA had to be compromised. For example, Edward and Sutton, out of all the couples in this series, this one is near and dear to my heart. Compared to the destruction and dysfunctional angst of Gin and Samuel T and the Romeo and Juliet romance of Liz and Lane; Edward and Sutton transcend all of them. They were the only couple who was never a couple and the tension is amazing, coupled with Edwards current state..oh my. Every Edward and Sutton POV in all three books I was at the edge of my seat and with this book I couldn’t wait to see the progression to their HEA..but all we got was 1 fucking meeting between them and then the next was the HEA> excuse me…QUE that was so disappointing! I wanted so much more. Don’t get me wrong I’m over the moon that they’re finally together and happy but damn we got so much of liz and lane and even wayyy more of Max and Tanesha ( Max who just showed up in the end of the last book!!!) and just that little bit of the best couple..hands down..I was aggravated to say the least. I was going to 3 stars until the book made me cry.

JR really threw some curve balls with this book, you can so tell that everything was nicely planned before she even wrote the first book.
Yea, I cried twice. Each time at the Samuel T story line; it was very personal to me and it was all just amazing. Its sad that I won’t ever get to read about the Bradfords, there is defiantly potential for a spin off or novellas with so many couples but this conclusion was top notch so good. If you’ve been waiting for the series to be complete before starting…you have no excuse now..Go and DEVOUR.

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The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, #1) by Kerrigan Byrne

The Highwayman (Victorian Rebels, #1)The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“I was thinking” he said some time later as she paused for a drowsy yawn. “Since ye donna have any family to love anymore, ye could love me…”

I want to start off by saying that this had one of the most beautiful prologues I’ve EVER
But that’s pretty much the only thing enjoyable about it.
2.75 stars

I don’t enjoy writing bad reviews, I know how hard it is to write and I’m also taking into considering that this is the first in a series and I think the first book this author has written.
What is this book about? Well if you didn’t read the synopsis I’ll just said that it’s about a beautiful Fey like girl who gets kidnapped by a terrible cad who’s also terribly rich and terribly bad. But things aren’t what they seem and slowly Farah discovers the pretenses behind her capture and comes to terms with her past and well as her future. If that sounds good to you go read it! Everyone reads a book differently, I may not have liked it or really recommend it but anyone could read this and love it and others …not so much. Well, after that disclaimer..this is my review.

After the prologue the book becomes a tangle of Anachronism while following Farah’s life in London many years after the prologue. At one point she had a croissant and mentioned that she lived in a bohemian section of London….no…not in Victorian London, you didn’t do ANY of those things. And also the main characters name…is Farah, that isn’t very realistic because ‘Farah’ is an Arabic name and I doubt that many aristocratic Victorian families would name their children an Arabic name, but hey that’s just me. That was what started my distancing from the story and characters. But I willed on because one of my favorite authors recommended this series.
I was glad for a time that I continued because after Farah is with the love interest again, we had a couple of solid chapters of tension and excitement. But after the sex scene the whole book plateau-ed and I found myself not caring to go on and not caring about the couple or the story; I lost interest. The major pull in the plot is finding out if her capture is Dougan which is enough to grab many readers I’m sure but I discovered the truth very early so that excitement was gone from my reading experience.

Much can be said for the writing it is very smooth and well put together. I had no qualms with grammar just the plot devices, which was riddled with so many tropes that are just overused in this genres. It’s so important to try to be original in HR because this is a genre that heavily relies on troupes, which in many cases are great! But…just not in this one. We have, the man who can’t be touched, hidden identity, broody Scottish man, blonde special snowflake heroine. Just all the troupes that are so overused and I, in particular, am so tired of finding in almost every book. Also, toward the end of the book another villain appears and just the whole situation because so Disney villain like…it was cringe-y bad to me. I understand the story needed one more thread of tension but oh it could have been anything else. I kinda hated the direction it took in the end.

I have to say that this does include very time appropriate mentalities, funny enough; since it had so many things that didn’t belong in the time period. This also had some pretty awesome sexy scenes. I wish everything else measured up because it could have been such a good read. I have faith that the series will get better so I will be continuing but this one gets a 2.75 stars.

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August TBR

Well, this is going to be a very ambitious TBR! That is filled with ReReads, ebooks and of course library books. Let’s hope I’m not distracted by booktube videos too much so that I can actually accomplish this *wink*
I made a personal goal this year to start rereading books. I’ve never reread any books and I figured I had to start. To me, rereading was always a waste of time (Because my TBR keeps growing) but after the newest Black Dagger Brotherhood book came out. I HAD to do a reread of the first 5 books! I hadn’t read those books since I was 13 and I was pleasantly surprised by my reread.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: So far I’ve reread the first 2 books in the Harry Potter series and am hoping to finish the 3rd book this month.
Outlander By Diana Gabaldon : I first read this book when I was 13/14 years old and it rocked my world. This was the first book besides Harry Potter that made me lose sleep and time. So I’m way overdue for a reread.

The Devils Cut by J.R. Ward: This is a new release (Just came out today) and I’m already on chapter 2 and I’m in love. This series is so action packed, romantic and drama filled, perfect for ending a book slump.
The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare (release August 22): when this comes out I’ll be dropping everything to read it! This is so anticipated for me. Tessa Dare is on my Epic shelf along with Lisa Kleypas and Elizabeth Hoyt. This book is the start of a new series for her which I’m sure I’ll love.
➽ This space is for any ebook/s that I pick up and read because I almost never NEVER stick to any set TBR which is why I don’t usually do these.

Physical Books/Library books
The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons: I binge read the first two last month and have been stalling on this one because I’m not ready to say goodbye and also because its gunna break my whole heart.
The Shadowhunters Codex by Cassandra Clare: I love this world and this is literally the last book in the shadowhunter universe that I haven’t read (I’m slowly making my way through the Bane Chronicles audiobooks.)
The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh: This is the second time I’ve taken this one out from the Library lets hope I actually get to it this time. I love me some Khalid.
Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia: I’ve heard so many good things about this one and I love some anxiety rep but I’m not sure I’ll get to it this month…I might which is why I’m including it. But I’m not a big fan of YA contemporary.
Deathless by Catherine M Valente: This is an adult retelling of a Russian folk tale called “Kosechi the Deathless” you may not know this about me but I’m absolute trash for anything Russian related…I love Russian themed books and especially Russian fairytales. So I really want to read this one after I finish The Summer Garden.

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne: This entry is cheating because I’m actually almost done with this..but I will usually be listening to many audiobooks and this one is just the one I’m listening too. It’s hard to pinpoint which ones I’ll pick because I’m a huge mood reader, I’ll let you all know 
➽ I might get around to finishing a couple of the Bane Chronicles stories on audiobook, and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
That’s my very super uber ambitious sorta TBR. I hope you all have a fantastic reading month!

July Wrap Up

July Wrap Up!!!!
Whoa July was a crazy reading month for me! I managed to finish 13 books and I’m currently 33 books AHEAD of my Goodreads reading goal!

➳ The first book I finished this month was When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon (Diverse YA Contemporary Romance 3.5/5 stars.) I listened to the audiobook which was very well done. This book’s main audience is teens but if you would like to spice up your book life with a precious cinnamon roll named Rishi Patel then go for it.

➳ Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav (Poetry 1/5 stars) It is beyond me..why people actually BUY this book. I’m an avid poetry reader, I’ve even written some myself. I will yell from the rooftops that this isn’t poetry to anyone who can hear me OMG this book sucks.

➳Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater (YA paranormal 4/5 stars) This is the third book in a series and the penultimate one and Paloma is not ok. Blue Lily took a turn that my Ravenclaw mind did not see coming.

➳ Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners
by Therese Oneill (Nonfiction, Historical 4/5 stars) I highly recommend this book to anyone who is an avid Historical Romance lover and has always had questions that were never answered in books about Wallflowers and Dukes.

➳ Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire (Poetry, 5/5 stars) In contrast to the previously mentioned collection of poetry; this is actual poetry. It’s poignant, alive and so colorful. Pick this up. It’s also a really quick read, at 37 pages.

➳ The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons (Historical Fiction, Romance 5/5 stars) Ha! I can’t use stars to rate this! The beauty of this book cannot be described or contained with a “star” rating! That’s another reason why I haven’t written a review; how does one review the most important book they’ve ever read? A book that will literally stay with you forever? You just don’t review it. If you read only one book a year please let it be this one.

➳ The Day of the Duchess (Scandal & Scoundrel #3)by Sarah MacLean (Historical Romance, 3.5/5 stars) This was one of my 2017 highly anticipated release..though it was good it kinda fell a little short for me. But if you love second chance romances, married couples and angst..this is for you.

➳ Shatter Me by Tehereh Mafi (YA Dystopian 3/5 stars) Yeah, I’m surprised I read a young adult dystopian as well. But this ship in this series is a hardcore of obsession of peoples and I was tired of being out of the loop. This was meh for me but I hear the second and third books are the Bomb…one day I’ll read them.

➳Moonglow (Darkest London #2) by Kristen Callihan (Historical Romance, Paranormal 4/5 stars) This series is so special its paranormal in Victorian London literally all my favorite things! And this book had a werewolf….so yea speaks for itself. I recommend this series.

➳ Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling (Fantasy 5/5) This was a reread which I highly enjoyed! I’m finally rereading Harry Potter for the first time and they are holding up to when I first read them.

➳ Tatiana and Alexander by Paullina Simons (Historical Fiction, Romance 5/5 stars.) Literally amazing an Amazing sequel. This series so far is on my EPIC and my OUTLANDER shelf.

➳ The Rise of the Hotel Dumort (The Bane Chronicles #5) by Cassandra Clare (YA fantasy 4.5/5 stars.) This series is surpassing any expectations I had. I love them and the shadowhunter world doesn’t keeps growing and TBC just adds more depth.

➳Stalking Jack the Ripper by Keri Maniscalco (YA Historical Mystery, 4.5/5 stars) Oh this was so good. I did not think I would enjoy this half as much as I did, but alas, here I am just waiting for the next book.

That’s it guys I had a lot of fun reading this month! I wish every month was like this one. There is a good mix of audiobook, ebook and physical book which I’m very proud of, I hate discriminating on book formats. Happy Reading!

Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1) by Kerri Maniscalco

Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper, #1)Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 “Creepy, Dark and Morbid stars”

“There’s nothing better than a little danger dashed with some romance.”
WOW what a delightful surprise! I went into this book with very little expectations because I’m an avid Historical reader and I find that YA historical is rarely up to snuff….but THIS WAS UP TO ALL THE SNUFF

This was so Dark and Morbid with a healthy dose of mystery and creepiness to keep you tethering on the edge of obsession while reading there wasn’t a dull moment in this book and thank god for it.
I’ll be mentioning slight details which can be considered spoilers but not really…..

Here’s a pic I took of the book :

Ok, so this book is about 17 year old Audrey Rose Wadsworth who has an unusual interest in forensics and corpses. She is an apprentice to her uncle, a well respected and eccentric forensic scientist/ mortician. She does this in secret from her father who is overly protective of her since her mother died and also because he’s a very bad Germaphobe who is terrified of his family contracting a disease since his wife died of one. One day, while attending one of her Uncle’s classes incognito she meets an interesting guy named Thomas Cresswell, who also has a passion for all things dead and all things unsolved. As the murders of the Leather Apron/ Whitechapel fiend/ Jack the Ripper start tearing through London’s east end….Both Audrey and Thomas find themselves very much involved and start trying to solve the greatest of mysteries.

Let me start of by saying I ADORED this book it was fast paced (without seeming rushed) deliciously creepy and beyond interesting

I adored Thomas Creswell he reminded me a lot of a Victorian Richard Gansey mixed with Sherlock Holmes. I loved everything he said he was so witty and sarcastic and so interesting. Watching they both start caring for each other was so cute and beautiful with this backdrop of blood and murder. They were like 2 Ravenclaws solving mysteries, slicing bodies and falling in love. They reminded me a lot of one of my favorite shows Gran Hotel! because that show also had two people falling in love while solving a murder.

Audrey Rose was a fun heroine! I was very surprised to find out about her Indian Heritage! That was a welcome surprise. Her mom was half Indian but exposed Audrey while growing up to a lot of the culture and food which Audrey still appreciates and eats throughout the book. I just loved that splash of color that brought into the story. Audrey was just so interesting its not every day you read about a girl who loves cutting bodies up! And shes so smart and accepting #Ravenclaw and her journey was exciting and thrilling.

I have to mention the writing in this one….it was so so good guys. The writing was concise and descriptive, I felt like every word on the page suited the story and purpose there was not one word out of place all signs point to Keri having a fantastic editor. The writing has a rich ebb and flow that helps you submerse yourself into the story right away. This was very well written I can’t stop saying that! It didn’t feel like reading a YA it didn’t feel like reading something targeted towards teens at all it just felt like a well made book about a mystery. Oh I wanted to mention as well that Audrey didn’t read like she was 17 at all she read way older which I loved immensely.

I also wanna shout out that lush and exotic circus scene that had me so lit while I was reading it! Little moments like that made the book just so special and of course, all the amazing Victorian pictures in many of the chapter breaks.

The whole time while reading this you’re trying to figure out who did it…who is doing all these killings, right alongside Audrey Rose and I thought I had EVERYTHING figured out I was so sure of myself but when the big reveal came…I was open mouthed gaping at this book…it took me COMPLETELY BY SURPRISE

My only complaint with the book is that there should have been just a bit more romance. Don’t get me wrong I know this book isn’t a romance and theres death and killing going on but it took forever for Thomas and Audrey Rose to kiss and I just kept thinking WTF. Thomas mostly funny flirted with her and Audrey just didn’t really express any outward feelings for him until the end……..that bothered me. But besides that this was an amazing amazing read and it blew me away. I’m anxiously awaiting the release of the next one.

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Moonglow (Darkest London, #2) by Kristen Callihan

Moonglow (Darkest London, #2)Moonglow by Kristen Callihan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ok its official you ALL need to stop sleeping on the utter creativity and beauty this is Kristin Callihan; because this series is a notch above the rest.
4 **** ‘dark, paranormal, steampunk werewolf’stars

Her second installment in the incredibly creative “Darkest London” series is even more ingenious than the first one. Moonglow follows Miranda’s sister whom we met for a bit in the first book and she was HILARIOUS, everything she said had me literally cackling and her story is just as intense as her sister’s.
There is a rogue danger Were loose in Victorian London and he’s killing women who all have acquired the very specific blend of scents that Daisy made and sold to her perfumer. (Actually I think the perfumer sold her blend without her knowing)
Ian and Daisy meet when this were almost attacks her and then they very hesitantly band together to try and solve this mystery. Along the way they get to know each other more and we the reader get to fall deeper into this magical, steam punk London where things really aren’t what they seem.
I really enjoyed this! This series is really like a less dark and more romantic Penny Dreadful.

Daisy Ellis Craigmore was so unique!
She is what is called a nose which means that she has a superior sense of smell. So she uses her talents to make unique one of kind perfumes! Her talent is even up to snuff with that of Ian the werewolf. I loved her diverse interest! We mostly get HR heroines who love books or love being annoying but she was interesting.
Daisy was CURVY I can’t express how amazing this was to read! We don’t get enough curvy women in any books ever and her curves were only celebrated by her sexy redheaded Scottish lord Ranulf.
I loved Lord Ranulf. What character development! He kinda sucked in the first book with his whole obsession with Miranda and all but he was just a lost soul…who was totally found lol
If you know me at all you know I love the following things
->Scottish men
-> Red heads
-> Victorian London
-> Werewolves


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