October TBR

Its officially every readers favorite time of year!
October is my absolute favorite and I always get a bit panicking because I want to read every creepy, scary, thriller and I’m the most distracted reader *eye roll* but on my list for this month there are a fair few of Autumnal reads and some carry overs from last month’s TBR.
The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare (physical, Historical romance) this one has been a long time coming! I got the ebook when it first came out but couldn’t finish so I’ve switched to physical book courtesy of my local library<3 I’m almost done with this book and I adore it.
A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness (physical, ) This is a buddy read with my beloved Melanie! Its also such an October vibes book! I’ve been meaning to read this since high school and I’m stoked to be reading it! I’m actually starting it tomorrow! Lets hope I love it.
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (physical, Historical, Reread) I know you’re tired of seeing this on so many TBR’s..so am I but I really do have hope that I’m going to get to finish it this month…next month…beginning of next month the absolute latest.
Duke of Desire (Maiden lane series #12) by Elizabeth Hoyt (ARC, historical romance) this beautiful book comes out this month in a couple weeks! And I’m due for a review the 17th so this is the month I read it!
Nevernight by Jay Kristoff (physical, YA Fantasy) this is another buddy read with my book bestie Melanie! She was kind enough to send me an extra copy she has and I’m excited to discover a new author!
The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding by Alexandra Bracken (physical, YA fantasy) Whether or not I read this book and the follow books depends on when my library decides to send this to me. Because I’m been on the holds list since before it came out.
In the Woods by Tanna French (physical, Adult Thriller) I cannot wait to read this lets hope the library sends it to me this month. This is also getting adapted into a show in the BBC and its meant to be proper creepy! So that means perfect October read in my book.
The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman (physical, adult historical fiction) Library please send this to me soon! I love Alice Hoffman and this book is about a new England town and how it got founded and its meant to be filled with magical things. I’ve wanted to read this since I got a goodreads account and read Blackbird house by Alice as well.

I’m going to cross my fingers once a gain and hope I can get to all of these.

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September TBR

Its September TBR time! Before I say anything else I have to preface and say that to me TBR pile/list is more like a framework..I don’t always stick to them. So yet again, here is another overly ambitious TBR. Some of the books mentioned will be carry over’s from the previous months TBR.
First lets start with the Rereads I want to tackle.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Physical, YA Fantasy) I just finished Harry Potter 3 and I’m feeling this book! But its sooo long! At least 720 pages and I want to tackle another long book so we will see which of the two I get to.
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Physical, Historical) I have a brand new copy of this book, the beautiful blue floppy paperback and I can’t wait to reread. I’m so overdue for this reread. I was also supposed to have this read months ago because I wanted to reread the 3rd book (Voyager) before the season 3 premier of the awesome Outlander show ….so I failed but maybe if the book goods answer I can have this reread soon. 

Physical Books/Library books
The Name of the Wind by Patrick Ruthfoss (Adult High Fantasy) I’m currently halfway done with this book…..I started it months ago and put it aside and now I’m pick it back up and its so good its gearing up to become one of my all time favorite fantasies so far.
The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah (Historical Fiction) This book and I are connected cosmically..Everywhere I turn I see this book; there are signs everywhere pointing me towards and I finally started it last night and its so vivid! I know I’m in for a good cry with this one.
A knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin ( Adult High Fantasy) I have major GOT withdrawals so I figured reading this collection of short stories based in the ASOIAF world (100 years before the main series) would be a perfect way to sooth my broken heart.
A World of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin ( Adult High Fantasy) I also got this one from the library and its BEAUTIFUL :O the artwork is stunning! This is a sorta background info and insider guide to the whole world of Ice and Fire and I’m so here for it. Hopefully I can get to this.
The Shadowhunters Codex by Cassandra Clare (YA Fantasy) This is another carry over from last month’s that I can hopefully get to because this is the last book in the Shadowhunter world that I’ve yet to read.
Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) By Sarah J. Maas (YA Fantasy) This comes out September 5th and I’m very on the fence about whether or not I’m going to be reading it. I own the previous book and have read it but honestly I’ve fallen out of love with SJM and her lack of diversity. If I hear enough good reviews for this book I’ll pick it up but I don’t want to support her and buy it.

The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare (Historical Romance) I’m so mad at myself for not reading this yet..I am about 10% in and I just want to focus solely on this when I pick it up again so I’m requesting it from the library and hopefully holding the physical book can help me just read this. The little I’ve read has been magical.
The Scot beds his wife (Victorian Rebels #5) by Kerrigan Byrne (ARC, Historical romance) I’m very lucky to be part of the blog tour for this (expect that blog tour in the beginning of Oct) so I’ll be getting to this book at the end of this month. I’m super excited I have a very public obsession/weakness for Scottish men in books so this shall go smoothly.
Bad Reputation( Bad Boys of Sports #1) by Nicole Edwards (ARC, Contemporary Romance) I have another weakness and its for sports romances I’ve read so many and can’t get enough and this is a Hockey romance that just sounds delicious (buddy read with the fab Meltotheany)

Yes Yes I know this is entirely unfeasible and you’re right…This is more of a roadmap of all the books I hope to get to but like I mentioned..maybe I might get lucky 😉 Thanks for reading guys and stay with me to see if I conquer this one.

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August TBR

Well, this is going to be a very ambitious TBR! That is filled with ReReads, ebooks and of course library books. Let’s hope I’m not distracted by booktube videos too much so that I can actually accomplish this *wink*
I made a personal goal this year to start rereading books. I’ve never reread any books and I figured I had to start. To me, rereading was always a waste of time (Because my TBR keeps growing) but after the newest Black Dagger Brotherhood book came out. I HAD to do a reread of the first 5 books! I hadn’t read those books since I was 13 and I was pleasantly surprised by my reread.
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: So far I’ve reread the first 2 books in the Harry Potter series and am hoping to finish the 3rd book this month.
Outlander By Diana Gabaldon : I first read this book when I was 13/14 years old and it rocked my world. This was the first book besides Harry Potter that made me lose sleep and time. So I’m way overdue for a reread.

The Devils Cut by J.R. Ward: This is a new release (Just came out today) and I’m already on chapter 2 and I’m in love. This series is so action packed, romantic and drama filled, perfect for ending a book slump.
The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare (release August 22): when this comes out I’ll be dropping everything to read it! This is so anticipated for me. Tessa Dare is on my Epic shelf along with Lisa Kleypas and Elizabeth Hoyt. This book is the start of a new series for her which I’m sure I’ll love.
➽ This space is for any ebook/s that I pick up and read because I almost never NEVER stick to any set TBR which is why I don’t usually do these.

Physical Books/Library books
The Summer Garden by Paullina Simons: I binge read the first two last month and have been stalling on this one because I’m not ready to say goodbye and also because its gunna break my whole heart.
The Shadowhunters Codex by Cassandra Clare: I love this world and this is literally the last book in the shadowhunter universe that I haven’t read (I’m slowly making my way through the Bane Chronicles audiobooks.)
The Rose and the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh: This is the second time I’ve taken this one out from the Library lets hope I actually get to it this time. I love me some Khalid.
Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia: I’ve heard so many good things about this one and I love some anxiety rep but I’m not sure I’ll get to it this month…I might which is why I’m including it. But I’m not a big fan of YA contemporary.
Deathless by Catherine M Valente: This is an adult retelling of a Russian folk tale called “Kosechi the Deathless” you may not know this about me but I’m absolute trash for anything Russian related…I love Russian themed books and especially Russian fairytales. So I really want to read this one after I finish The Summer Garden.

The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne: This entry is cheating because I’m actually almost done with this..but I will usually be listening to many audiobooks and this one is just the one I’m listening too. It’s hard to pinpoint which ones I’ll pick because I’m a huge mood reader, I’ll let you all know 
➽ I might get around to finishing a couple of the Bane Chronicles stories on audiobook, and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
That’s my very super uber ambitious sorta TBR. I hope you all have a fantastic reading month!