Audio book Recommendations!

AKA (The audio books that changed my mind about listening to books)

Hello my name is Paloma and I used to hate audio books. Like really hate them. Let me explain, when I first got addicted to the Outlander series by my fav Diana Gabaldon; I binge read the first book and the rest of the books were only available in audio book from my local library. I had no choice but to listen to the rest of the series this way….and it sucked. I hated the audio books but I powered through because I loved the series. And I didn’t notice that some audio books were ‘abriged’ and cut out so much of the details and important things and so it ruined the some of the books for me as well as audio books for the next 7 years.

So for a very long time I didn’t touch audio books. But recently I got addicted to podcasts. I was listening to them whenever I had to do something. That naturally progressed to audio books after I binged an entire podcast and when I discovered that my local library chain used this amazing app called Hoopla

The first audio book that I listened to was:
➽ Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane series #1) by Elizabeth Hoyt.
It was narrated by the amazing Ashford McNab and boy did she do an amazing job. Everyone had their own voice and accent. It was such an atmospheric experience! so unlike my previous one that I became addicted. This is an amazing pick if you love audio books, great narration, and AMAZING writing. I highly recommend the whole series in audio book, you’ll become addicted.
➽ Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery (audioble exclusive narrated by Rachel McAdams)
Rachel McAdams shines in this narration. That’s all I can say, the book is one of my top favs and her narration made me love it even more. Her voice is so soothing and she really brings out the subtle wit of the book. 10/10
➽ The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (audible exclusive narrated by Jeremy Irons)
This book is a modern classic and I’m happy the first time I read it was in audio book. Jeremy Irons has such a textured voice and he is an actor so listening to this was such a pleasure. He added so much depth to this simple but rich story that I was looking for things to do in order to listen more!
➽ The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare
I’m slowly making my way through this amazing series! Each story is narrated by a different person (some has the same narrator) and they are all top notch. Now, this series is more like a supplement to the TMI and TID series also by Cassandra Clare so I recommend reading those two first before this one. I love love love these audio books! Each one is different little story with a different narrator that adds his own flare to the story and each one is no more than 1:30 minutes so they’re quick to get through. If you love Cassandra Clare and are hesitant in reading this series and audio books well then this is for you.

I’ve listening to many more audio books than this but these are just the ones that made me fall in love with them and my top ones so far. I hope you all consider diving back into audio books because they’re awesome. Download the Hoopla app if you library utilizes it for audio books. They also have albums ebooks and movies from my library I cannot recommend it enough. Also of course Overdrive has audio books as well.

Here are some things I do while listening:
• Cook and clean
• Knit
• Surf the web
• Walk/Exercise
• Color